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6in1 Car charger with Emergency tool

6in1 Car charger with Emergency tool

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The danger which is least expected soonest comes to us. So safety of the people shall be the highest priority. The 6in1 Travel Safe charger which has LED Flashlight, Hazard light,safety cutter, safety hammer, two separate hubs for charging, a portable power bank which helps you in case of an emergency .It has a tough core and will help you in case of an emergency or an accident.


  1. Dual USB-ports: Charge two devices simultaneously
  2. LED Torch: For use at night or to signal for assistance
  3. Portable power bank: An inbuilt power bank with 2200mAh to charge your devices.
  4. Seat belt cutter: You can release yourself with inbuilt seat belt cutter in case of an emergency or an accident.
  5. Safety Hammer: Break the glass with the built-in safety hammer.
  6. Design and Manufactured for Usability and Durability.

 Technical specifications:

Input :

Car charger-12-24V / USB-5V/800mA

Output :

(car charger) 5V/2A / Power bank-5V/1.5A



Model No.: BM2198
Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 10.1cm*17.1cm*3.3cm
Product Weight: 135 g
EAN: 6594369042930
Warranty: 12 months limited warranty.
CE, FCC, ROHS certified.
Package includes: 6 in 1 car charger, charging cable & user manual.

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