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18W CarMate M1 Wireless Charger & Car Mount

18W CarMate M1 Wireless Charger & Car Mount

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Wireless car charger offers the convenience of hands-free charging , allowing you to use your phone for navigation, music, or other apps without worrying about the battery running out. Integrated the wireless charger and a single-hand-accessible vent mount into one for secure driving. Here are key features:

  1. Offering a wireless charger with multiple power levels, ranging 5W,7.5W.10W,15W allows for broad compatibility with various smartphone models. Different smartphones have varying charging requirements,
  2. The automatic sensor that closes the charger's arms around your phone &  automatically demounted smartphone, easily.
  3. Rotational clip in the wireless charger is a valuable feature that allows you to conveniently view your phone in either portrait or landscape mode without interrupting its charging.
  4. The Wireless Charging Car Mount is designed to accommodate charging with your phone's case on. This feature allows you to charge your phone without the need to remove the case, providing convenience and saving time. (Not compatible with metal cases).
  5. With this charger, you can conveniently power up your Qi-compatible phone without the need for cables or connectors. Simply place your phone on the charging pad, and it will begin charging wirelessly at up to 18W, delivering efficient and reliable power.

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