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15W PowerBase Q5 Wireless Charging Pad

15W PowerBase Q5 Wireless Charging Pad

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The PowerBase Wireless Charging Pad 15W is designed to declutter your space and simplify the charging process for compatible qi enabled devices (iphones 8 or later models & anroids).  Here are its ley features:

1. Efficient and high-speed charging: The charging pad is engineered to provide fast charging speed upto 15W when works with device that is Qi enabled, allowing you to charge all your Qi compatible devices efficiently.

2. Seamless charging experience: With the PowerBase Wireless Charging Pad, you can simply lay your smartphone onto the charging pad and let it do the work. Just place your device on the pad, and it will start charging automatically. (It has Type-C input).

3. Case-friendly design: You don't have to remove your smartphone case every time you want to charge your smartphones. The PowerBase Wireless Charging Pad is capable of charging through most lightweight plastic, tpu, leather &silicone cases up to 8 mm thick. If smartphone has metal case, then need to removed before charging.

4. Compact Design:The Wireless Charging Pad is compact, travel-friendly, transparent housing and elegant appearance make it a versatile charging solution that can be easily carried around, conveniently placed on any surface, and aesthetically pleasing in various settings.

5. Compatibilty: Compatible with any Qi-enabled anroids and iphones. It can also charge your qi-enabled airpods.

Note: *LED indicator indicates when your phone is not properly aligned on charging pad.

*Metal plates need to be deattached from the mobile before charging.

EAN: 6609026722268

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