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SIM Card Adapter Kit

SIM Card Adapter Kit

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The essential accessory for protecting your valuable SIM cards or Memory cards from getting damaged or lost, it is light-in-weight, can be carried in your wallet, This SIM adapter made with high-quality material so that your cards can fit tightly and securely. You can also store nano sim cards in the micro sim slot by inserting the sim sideways.


Sim adapter with 3 SIM Card Adapters + 1 iPhone Eject Pin + MicroSD USB Card Reader

Package includes:

  1. Ultra slim black holder case
  2. 3 SIM Card adapters
  3. 1 iPhone eject tool pin
  4. Quality high-speed micro SD USB memory card reader

 Holds 4 different SIM cards

  • 2 regular size SIM cards
  • 1 Micro size SIM card
  • 1 Nano size SIM card

 Holds 2 Micro SD / TF Memory Cards

  • Holds 1 iPhone eject pin (included)
  • Holds Micro SD memory card reader (included)
  • Holds 3 SIM card adapters (included)

 The adapters can convert:

  • Nano to micro size
  • Nano to standard size
  • Micro to standard size

The SIM card adapter allows you to convert your SIM card size, This is ideal if you want to use the same SIM card in a different phone or changing between a newer and an older phone that requires a different size SIM card.

Product Dimensioms: 10cm*18.5cm*0.07cm.

EAN: 6594369047126,6594369047294,6594369047362.




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